NaNo17 :: Days 11 – 18

This is my eighth year taking part in National Novel Writing Month. If you missed the first ten days, Click Here for Part I.

This was week 2.5 of NaNoWriMo.

Aim for Day 18: 30,000 
My Count on Day 18: 27,310
Currently Behind By: 2690

I was on track until Friday, where I got 1,000 words behind due to attending my graduation, and then Saturday we had family visit for 12 hours. I went to bed by 10pm and woke this morning with a killer headache.

But, it’s do-able. Adding an extra 200 words a day will get me back up to the aim, and any day I cross 2,000 words will push me way back into the possibility of finishing early. Next weekend I’ve carved out specific time to sprint, so I’m not currently worried, as long as I don’t fall any further than 3,000 words behind: it’s totally manageable.

I wanted to write about this because even 8 years into this: with over a million words under my belt, it’s not all plain sailing and easy-going. I managed 80,000 words in 27 days a few years back, but that doesn’t mean NaNoWriMo is easy for me.

And it’s okay to still struggle with writing. That’s part of the fun: that sense of achievement in overcoming barriers and winning despite life still going on around us.

This week, I also made it back to Sweet Ice Cream Bar, for my second write-in of this year. Met up with two people from last year’s events, and actually got some writing done.

How are your November projects shaping up?

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