NaNo17 :: Days 1 – 10

This is my eighth year taking part in National Novel Writing Month.

I began a whole new setting, character collection and plot idea. I always feel stunted in plotting until I’ve written the first couple of scenes, so on Day 2 I spent a lot of time ‘catching up’ with my plotting.

Then, on Day 4, I woke early, wrote over 1,000 words in by 8:30am and then ran 3 hours of sprints to help a teacher in China reach her double-wordcount-goal before her local midnight. Although I had to really squeeze my tiny bit of plot in one day to write nearly 3,000 words in a few hours, I love this aspect. I do this event for the community. I learn more about human potential, motivation and community in November than any other event.

write in nanowrimo cafeAim for Day 10: 16,666 
My Count on Day 10: 16,686
Currently Ahead By: 20

I intended to make it to a couple of extra write-ins this year: having made my first two in 2016.

And last night, I made it to the first! I aught up with a writer from last year’s write-ins, and we shared tea, discussed fantasy TV shows [I write fantasy] and wrote very little!

Are you taking part this year? How are things progressing?

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