Submitting Short Pieces

I used to write poetry.Submitting Publishing Credits

Then I found novels.

When it came to looking at the submission process last September, I realised I essentially had nothing to show for being a writer. Having recognised the important part that publishing credits can play, I’ve begun submitting flash fiction to various competitions and magazines.

I’m not looking for money or to win.
I just want to be able to say “someone read my work and decided it was worth having”. To say I’ve been through the process before.



Traditionally, submitting fantasy or science fiction short stories (maybe 2000 to 5000 words) to a magazine specialising in sci fi and fantasy would be a good route to take. However, I write flash fiction and novels; so my focus has been on competitions where I can submit parts of my novels, and on flash-fiction-specific magazines or contests.

I used to believe I’d have to write short stories, but even opening myself to look at those; some of the competitions have “a short story up to 1000 words”. For me, that’s flash fiction. I can do that.

So it goes on my list.

I looked at writing magazines in the shops, looked them up online – anything that was a free submission process, and took fiction between 1 word and 1,500 was mine. Any up to 2,000 words has been noted and asterisked.

I submitted my first ever piece of fiction in October 2012. Six months has passed, I’ve processed the rejection and I’m now ready to get back in the swing of things.

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